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How turnkey hotel flights and car rental affiliate website works

How turnkey hotel flights and car rental affiliate website works?

Affiliated hotel, flights and rental networks business Preface

Everyone loves to travel, particularly travelling at a price that fits nicely into their budgets.

Turnkey Hotels and flights Search Websites

This website is operates around a business model that resembles a Search Engine for travelers to find the Best Value Hotels, Flights, as well as Car Rental Deals in planning their trip.

All they’ve got to do is to input their desired travel destination, and the relevant dates, and the Search Engine will automatically sift through its database and return only the best deals tailored to the inputted criterion.

How Much revenue can I get through hotel affiliate site?*

There are 3 monetization routes that are currently set up on this website:

Hotel Search Engine (Per Click: Up to $4) (depends on visitors behaviors)

Flight Search Engine (Per Click: Up to $0.80)

Car Rental Search Engine (Per Click: Up to $0.80)

*Revenue and earnings will depend on your site traffic and visitors behaviors

How much you make is dependent on how much targeted traffics you drive to your website.

About hotel, flights and rental affiliate networks Website…

Huge Database of Hotels & Airlines

The website is integrated with one of the largest database ever existed on earth.

In the database, there are approximately

260,000 Hotels

600 Airlines

800 Car Rental Agents ready to be suggested to your traffics.

100% Automated Database Updates

This website is linked to the databases of the affiliated hotel, flights and rental networks. So when they update theirs data, contents and links on their website your site will be updated automatically by affiliated network site, so, you don’t have to do a single thing to maintain the databases!

Word Press platform used to develop this website. Word Press is that it is user-friendly and simple to make any changes on the site design and contents.

Operates In A Hot Niche!

This website operates in the Travelling Niche, which means it always has an ever-ready group of buyers. So, this investment you’re making right now will be able to net you immediate return. Also, this industry will never meet its saturation unless people around the world stop travelling!

The Click through Rate (CTR) for this website is as high as 15%. What this means is, out of 100 of your visitors, 15 of them will click on at least one suggested hotel to learn more about it.

Let’s assume that you’re driving 100 visitors to your website per day (which is extremely easy to achieve) and you make an average of $2 per click, you are making at least $900.00 ($2 per click x 15 clicks a day x 30 days) a month.

Imagine when you are driving 1,000 daily visitors to your website, how would that extra income impact your life? What about 2,000? 5,000? The sky is the limit!

Turnkey Hotels and flights Search Websites


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