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Imagine thumbing through the mail, but not for bills instead you are looking for checks? Want to know how? It’s a lot simpler than you might think… At least it was for me.

You feel like you have bills coming out of your ears, and you are drowning in them. You are very seriously thinking about looking for ways to making money online. You just mentioned it to your husband and now you and he are staring across the kitchen table; his eyes are reflecting your blank stare but with a question hanging just behind them. After thirty seconds of eternity he replies, ‘have you gone mad, so that’s your insane answer to this financial crisis?’ This is the reception you get to your answer for your bill problem. You are determined to find a guide something which will give you the essential tips you need for money, you need success online.

Yes this is my story, drowning in stress and debt, my husband and I sat down and had a hard conversation about me looking for extra income online… He supports me but wants me to give it 100%.

Traditionally: we are so conditioned to working all our lives for someone else that it is scary to think of making money some other way. All that to say this, your family may not be supportive; they may even laugh at you. I know mine did, my husband was very supportive, but wanted to make sure we did not end up making a huge financial mistake.

Now… I find out that my husband says he was sure I could do it all the time…(Smile)…Funny how people forget things they said when the tension is lower.

Good sense of humor…Key to making it online.

1. Bum marketing method? well, yes I was a little thrown off by the name as well. However, this program helps you get started with very little out of pocket expenses like, building a website, or ton of technical skill. Okay there is some technical skill, I think I know the answer to this one but, can you access the internet? This is the amount of technical skill you need. This method show you how to sell other people’s stuff and make money. They give you a portion, okay a large portion of the sale, i’ve seen some up to 75% of the price.

Win-win for everyone, you make money and the merchant did not have to market his product, so they saved a lot on marketing and they pass more money on to you.

2. Digital products, absolutely the best, to start with, or stay with, items such as software, e-books, informational products, or various videos. That way there is no need for housing the products, all you have to do is market them and get paid. These products are chosen through a corporation which houses them, like click bank for example. This is a free means to make some money.

How? Well you write an article about the product and post it to an article directory. This will get you posted on the web. This is the best free way to promote the product.

See you can do things to make money online without putting up a lot of money, all I purchased was a how to guide.

3. Plan of action, you must have a plan of action, the one I decided to work with had me up and running in about 4 days so that I could get started making money. It was so detailed and easy to follow that my lack of technical skill was no problem at all.

Two final things…to make online work a fact in your life I cannot help you with these, but they are extremely vital. Interest and motivation, you have to want to make this work.

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