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If you want to know how to get paid to take online surveys then you are joining a growing army of people from all walks of life that have changed their lives by this method of earning money online. Some will earn a nice extra bit of money to pay the rent, get new clothes and eat out once in a while, others who put more effort in have managed to make this a legitimate work at home job!

Getting into this confuses many people however because whenever money is involved the scammers come out of the woodwork looking to fleece you of your money so here are a few tips to get into this amazing way of getting paid and avoiding the pitfalls.

1. Keep Your Expectations in Check
As much as every site asking you to sign up tell you that you will be earning a million dollars and flying in luxury jets by doing surveys do not get too sucked in by the promises. There is money to earned here but you have to look at how much you really can get. Many surveys give you UP TO $ 75 for less than an hour’s work which is really good … but not all of them will. Some may only pay $ 20 or $ 30 and some will take 5 minutes and some will take over an hour; It is very variable. You also have to spend a bit of time making sure a steady stream of surveys get sent to you as if you get lazy they might not come as often. This is an easy way to make money but it is not on autopilot and will not make you a millionaire … but it will make you as much money as you need!

2. Expand Your Horizons
There are more than just surveys that these companies offer. There are also focus groups and telephone surveys and even such things as putting advertising on your car. Another aspect that people often overlook that you can also get into is being a secret shopper and get paid to shop and eat at restaurants then give your opinion back to the companies that run these things based on their service. There are many opportunities so keep an open mind.

3. Pick a Reputable Survey Site
How to get paid to take surveys online is not about emailing every company you can think of looking for an opportunity. This would be pointless and take a huge amount of time. To maximize your actual time earning money by doing surveys there are excellent sites that give you a step by step process to sign up for surveys online. For a tiny fee you can be earning hundred of dollars and not worrying about where the surveys are coming from because all that part is taken care of. However there are many scam sites out there or sites that simply are not very big or do not provide good service so make sure to pick a reputable one or you may be left with a sour experience.

One such reputable site is Gain Opinion. This site has over 500 companies craving your feedback and has excellent customer service if you have any troubles at all. They also give a 60 day money back guarantee to prove they are genuine and will keep your business.


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