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One of the main ways people seek to make money online is through the idea of running blogs. It is considered by many as a simple way for anyone to be successful online. The numerous ebooks and courses that you can buy telling you just how to make money online is immense. However do they tell you the real truth, is it really that easy to make money blogging? I have been making money blogging now for over 4 years, read on to find my top tips.

1) Never blog just to make money – the idea of setting up a blog to make money is what lots of people want to do, however setting up a blog for this sole purpose on most occasions wont work. Readers will see that this is what you are doing and it is very unlikely that they will return on a regular basis.

2) Specialise – A generic “make money blog” will struggle to get the traffic as the keywords are very competitive. So pick a subject that is close to your heart and then write about that. If the subject is something you have an interest in, your passion and your knowledge of the subject will come through in what you write, readers will see this and come back time and time again.

3) Prepare to spend time consistently – Blogs like most things take time to bed in and mature so don’t expect a lot of visitors coming to your blog in the early days. Visit your blog on a regular basis and write fresh and unique content if you can everyday or at least 3 times per week

4) Too many adverts can be a bad thing – Only place a few adverts on your site, placing to many on your blog could put readers off coming back to visit your site again. In the early days this is even more important. Try to keep the adverts down to a minimum in the early days and focus on the content.

By following these tips, there is no reason why anyone can’t make money online. Keep the search engines happy with unique content and keep your readers happy with a nice looking site, and over time the hits and the income should follow.

The most important thing about blogging, is to have fun doing it, as this will come across in the way you write. Wishing you all the success you desire.

The author has been making money online with his blog for the last 4 years, with over 3,000 posts now it is fast becoming well known across the internet. He firmly believes that with a little bit of hard work anyone can achieve anything they want to.


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