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If you take a look at the latest crime incidents in Arlington, TX, you would be surprised at how many burglaries and robberies turn up. If you look at “Spot Crime,” a website that records and maps a variety of crimes in the area, you can see a cluster of vehicle burglaries and residential robberies around Arlington. These are all recently reported cases and most do not involve the use of guns, which means these common incidents can more easily be prevented. As local Arlington locksmiths, it is our duty to educate the public on how to better safeguard against robbers.

Auto Theft Prevention Tips:

Always lock your vehicle and check that all windows are closed
Never leave valuables inside the car, including laptops, small electronics, wallets, personal paperwork or any personal identification
Bring your electronics and personal items into your home or office with you whenever possible – or at least lock them in the trunk or away from clear view
Use anti-theft or automatic tracking devices – many Arlington locksmiths carry these for purchase
Never leave your keys in your vehicle, even at a gas station
Never leave the car running when you are not in it
Park your vehicle in a well-lit area at night – try to park your vehicle in a secure garage
Never hide a spare key in your vehicle
Remove keys from under floor mats, sun visor, etc.

 Home Security Tips:

Run a check in and around your home. See how a burglar might break into the house by looking for hiding spots, faulty locks, weak doorframes, and open windows. Delta Locksmith Arlington and associates will always run a risk assessment check for you
Install deadbolt locks on all exterior doors – Delta Locksmith Arlington and our partners can certainly help you with this
Trim trees and shrubbery outside your home to make sure there are no good hiding places for the burglars
Consider installing motion-sensitive lights, as this can deter the burglars
When you are on vacation, make sure someone picks up your mail and newspaper deliveries so it does not look like the home is vacant

Remember, your locks are your first line of defense, so it is crucial to ensure the strength and durability of your locks. Many of the suspects involved in the cases were able to pry open the doors because the lock was not a deadbolt lock or the door or the strike plate was too weak. This is where you have the control to improve the security of your home. We recommend calling a professional and licensed locksmith who can carry out a lock change and ensure that your strike plate is reinforced. If you do not have a trusted locksmith, Delta Locksmith Arlington would be happy to offer our locksmith services to you.

Delta Locksmith Arlington business owner, Nimi Zackay, has been involved in the locksmith industry for several years. Delta Locksmith and Associates serves hundreds of customers each day throughout Dallas, Houston, and the surrounding cities in Texas.

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